Home Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting time and puts you on track
to financial freedom if the right steps are taken.
Choosing the right real estate professional is the first
very important decision you will make. You need a very
reliable and smart expert who can work
on your behalf and find you the perfect home at the best
price possible. In addition, you need a friendly advisor
to guide you through the closing process of escrow and
make sure all due diligence is made on time for a smooth

As Your Agent, I Will:
● Guide you through the entire process of obtaining the keys to your new home.
● Help you shop for the best financing option to buy your new home.
● Show you all homes for sale in the area you want that meet all your needs and wants.
● Ensure you don’t over pay for your home and guide you through escrow.
● Educate you on neighborhood features like market values, schools, and home condition.

Before looking at new homes:
● Educate yourself on your rent vs. buy options here.
● Check your credit score and fix any errors if any.
● Figure out what a comfortable mortgage payment is for you.
● Choose a loan that is the best deal for you, a good loan officer can help you with this.
● Hire a real estate professional who you can trust and work well with.
● Pick neighborhoods you would like to live in.
● Know your needs and wants for your new home.

Eight Steps to Buying a Home:
1. Decide to buy
2. Hire your agent
3. Secure financing
4. Find your home
5. Make an offer
6. Perform due diligence
7. Close
8. Protect your investment