Home Sellers

Choosing the right real estate professional is the most
important decision when deciding to sell your home.
You need an expert that knows how to make your house
stand out from all of the competition. I am very
creative and will make your home more attractive to
buyers then other homes for sale in your area. I will
study your neighborhood’s market and decide on a
marketing strategy specifically tailored for your house.
I then will show your house to the most qualified buyers
and get you the most money possible. I know how the mind
of a home buyer works and I will tap into it when I sell your home.

As Your Agent, I Will:

● Tell you what your house is worth in current market and let you know how much I can sell it for.
● Custom tailor a strategic marketing plan to make it more attractive then the competition.
● Maximize exposure to show your home to the most qualified buyers.
● Help stage your home and generate curb appeal for best first impressions and highest price.
● Obtain and present offers and smoothly negotiate the best deal.
● Help you find your next home and answer all of your questions.

Getting the Highest Price for Your Home:

First impressions matter! Curb appeal can make people want to see the inside of your home or drive right by. You can help your home’s curb appeal by making sure paint looks fresh, landscaping is neatly trimmed, and driveways are power-washed. Once buyers are inside, it is important to have your home staged. Qualified buyers will stay in your home longer if it is staged well and will leave with a bigger impression. Getting your home showroom ready is just one of the services I provide.

Closing Costs to Expect:

● Title insurance fees depend on the sales price of the home.
● Commission is a full-service fee and cost’s between 5% and 7%.
● Local, county, and state property transfer taxes.
● State capital gains tax.
● Credit to buyer of unpaid real estate taxes for prior or current year depends on time of closing.
● FHA fees and costs are now negotiable between a FHA buyer and seller.
● Home inspections in some cases are paid by the seller and include pest and other inspections.
● Some fees can occur from correcting problems noticed during the home inspection.

I work among the highest grade of real estate agents and I’m quite confident that choosing me to represent selling your home is your most rewarding decision. Choosing to have my talent, education, and experience represent you selling your house will result in a higher yield. We both want to sell your house for as much money as the current market can possibly provide.

Reasons Sellers Sell With Me:
● Through a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, I will cross reference recently sold homes in your neighborhood along with current homes for sale to help us determine what your house is really worth. A CMA report guards you from low-bidding offers. Get a free CMA report from me here.

● We both will walk though your home together and I will advise how we can get your home ready for presentation. Bigger first impressions = bigger offers!

● The more people your house for sale is exposed to the more qualified home buyers will see it which means the more offers we will receive, which means the more money your home will sell for. I sell homes using my extensive marking education, skill, and experience. I custom tailor a strategic plan specifically for you to sell your house.

● One of the first things I do to promote your house for sale is advertise to all the local real estate agents with ready-to-go qualified buyers.

● Real estate contracts are very detail oriented, so I make sure to advise you on every single offer your house for sale receives, so we do not enter into an agreement with a buyer who will cause you nightmares. Choosing the right buyer leads to a smooth closing. Never sign anything without asking me about it.

● I have no costs upfront, in-fact I only get paid if I sell your house when it’s for sale. This means I am going to work very hard to get the absolute most money for your house within our agreed time-frame and your needs.

Call or email me anytime and ask for a free in-home presentation. I will come visit your home or office, and present to you how I will sell your home, no obligations. This is part of my job as a real estate agent to offer this service to you.